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We are your Pickleball Apparel Partner.

Creating your powerful Athletic and Athleisure fashion brand.

PickleBall CustomWear is an athletic and athleisure fashion brand that focuses on creating custom limited-edition drops for the pickleball community using top-down marketing.

Focused on creating YOUR iconic brand to build a loyal customer base through a sense of exclusivity and constant newness.


Be known as the experts to provide high-quality, next-gen technical fabrics that offer second-skin comfort for best performance on and off the court.

Reinforce your brand.

Human Billboards get noticed and fabric quality insures retention.

BEST yet they are wearing your apparel.

Promoting you out in the wild!

This strategy is achieved by keeping the supply below demand,

creating value, and grassroots, guerrilla-style marketing as

your brand evolves into a true lifestyle offering.


This allows you to get connected with the pickleball athlete,

creating quite possibly the most loyal customer.

(These are not an off the shelf me2 cotton T #cottonkills)

The result is unique apparel designed to your brand that no one else has. 

Add a sense of exclusivity to your own
Pickleball Brand:

We provide you with:

Smart product delivery, constant newness, offer undeniable success by building and maintaining hype around your Pickleball Apparel brand.

Cultural Phenomenon:

Limited-edition drops and exclusive events help build a sense of community and belonging.

Strengthen loyalty:

Building a strong connection with the community through a unique and exclusive brand experience.

Contact us today to get started.

Start your Pickleball custom apparel program today

We are your Pickleball Apparel Partner

Get in the game today and brand yourself in the wild

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