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The Full Story

Pickleball CustomWear specializes in Athletic / Athleisure apparel design and development for all your needs.

We build an apparel program that accurately represents your brand.

Pickleball CustomWear Athletic / Athleisure apparel gives you the edge in private label retail.

Why choose us?

Experience is what you need when making bespoke branded apparel

Fabrics set you appart

Known as the tech fabric company “behind the scenes” that creates OEM apparel for many manufacturers, as well as custom kits for respected teams across the US.

From athletes demanding world class apparel, to the weekend warrior, we are here to serve.

Conditions set the pace for fabrics

The marriage of different fabric combinations tailored for the highest performance in exothermic breathability and thermal regulation guarantee comfort.

We Provide hundreds of fabric combinations you would never be exposed to.

We source the best fabrics across the world, as we know what it takes to create performance apparel to meet your specific demands. 

Patterns That work

Producing highly technical custom sports apparel is as complicated as clothing manufacturing gets.

We create patterns that function at the uppermost levels which bring to your brand, unique character and identity.


We work with clients to bring their unique design ideas to life and sew each handcrafted piece with professional grade techniques.

These processes ensure you get the highest standards and amazing quality! 

We do this for every single order, no matter how small.

It all starts with distinctive personality and skills which is YOU. 

Let us know what your needs and exact goals are. 

When it comes to Athletic / Athleisure apparel.
LEARN What makes our process much better than Silk screen or Embroidery? 

We highly recommend that you follow the link below to educate yourself on the different. 

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