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What makes US Better then Silk Screen

  • Silk Screen creates a hot spot of sweat that sticks to your body.  

    • Silk Screen uses cotton or extremely basic polyester. #cottonkills

    • The mm thickness of the silk screen rubber patch acts as a garbage bag on your body. Garbage bags hinder performance.

    • Silk Screen is not breathable.

    • Silk Screen does allow moisture to wick away. This adds extra stank.

    • Silk Screen will crack, fade, flake, and peel.

    • Silk Screen needs an underlay of white ink beneath your design for colors to appear as vibrant or true as the artist intended.

    • Silk Screen Charges per color, set up and per screen.

Think twice before you make the mistake of going old school method again

  • Silk Screen and Embroidery limits your artwork reproduction.

    • Silk Screen & Embroidery cannot produce a true digital reproduction.

    • Detail is a facsimile of your artwork.

    • You can only use small predetermined boxed areas (called patches). 

    • Embroidery will pucker your fabrics.

    • Embroidery must use an itchy backing that will hold on to sweat.

    • Embroidery is limited to thread color and thread count.

    • Embroidery is limited to size as it is price restrictive.


Silk Screen & Embroidery are not athletic apparel, it is a novelty.
If you are serious, Silk Screen is not how to represent your Athletic Apparel Brand


Our Custom Process has no limitations from artwork to patterns

  • Build your brand the proper way to represent your company or team.

    • The physical properties of our fabrics remain technical as intended. 

    • Soft, Breathable, Moisture Wicking with a Lightweight Stretch to provide the perfect fit and feel great against your skin.

    • Italian inks ensure high definition detailed & vibrant colorfast graphics.

    • Italian inks do not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.

    • Your canvas is the whole garment; Back, Front, Sleeves, and Collar.

    • Picture-perfect reproduction of your artwork, logo. Digital reproduction ensures outstanding accuracy with exceptional consistency.

An educated customer is our best friend!

Custom Picklebal Apparel

Build an apparel program that accurately represents your brand.

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